Software version information for the Easycontrols control.

The updates are available via online update of available to your controller.


Firmware 2.27, Web frontend 2.27

Published: 6th July 2020

Status: Important update, please update.

Application: Via automatic update, if your device is connected to the Internet, or download Offline-Updater here.

  • Improved: Various performance improvements.
  • New: Added driver support for additional PHY(Physical Layer).


Firmware 2.26, Web frontend 2.26

Published: 14th February 2018

Status: Important update, please update.

Application: Via automatic update, if your device is connected to the Internet, or download Offline-Updater here.

  • Improved: Faster update of external sensors and keypads.
  • Improved: Bootloader update for memory cards larger than 4GB.


Firmware 2.24, Web frontend 2.24

Published: June 02, 2017

Status: Important update, please update.

Automatic Update if your device is connected to the Internet. The offline updater will be ready soon.

  • Improved: Switching between custom schedules and standard schedules (after heating and ventilation levels) now works again via the portal.
  • Improved: Smarter strategy to avoid freezing on the heat exchanger at cold outdoor temperatures.
  • Improved: Optimized wear-levelling strategy for long-term storage.


Firmware 2.21, Web frontend 2.21

Published: April 04, 2016

Status: Update on Demand.

  • Improved: Adjusted regulation for Passive House configuration.
  • Improved: CO2 values can now be adjusted from 450 to 5000 ppm.
  • FIX: Adjustment bypass logic, with heating profile "constant", the bypass now works correctly.
  • FIX: Error in communication if at the same time a KWL KNX and a KWL bec are connected to address 3.


Earlier update contents


  • Improved: filter replacement can be acknowledged now also with KWL-BEC Control Panel.
  • Improves: Increases the speed of the local Web interface through direct transfer of status parameter from RAM without caching.
  • Improves: Optimized compatibility with Internet connection via UMTS at different providers.
  • Improves: Frost protection in the heat exchanger (DIS balance) optimized.
  • Improves: The display of the percentage output on the local Web server is updated now as fast as on the BEC keypad.
  • Improves: Improved stability when failed update/download.
  • Fix: Keypad BEC: the holiday menu "Interval fan level" is replaced by "Fan level".
  • Improves: Display system status on the local Web server is updated faster.
  • Improves: Update of the file system library FatFs and file system optimizations for memory cards from 4 GB.
  • Improves: If the outdoor air limit of the bypass and the external air temperature of the temperature sensor are the same and the bypass maintains its position. Hysteresis 1 k.
  • Fix:  Error were occasionally incorrectly displayed at logon as service technicians.
  • FIX: Select language Italian was in the BEC Control Panel and on the local Web server Polish display.
  • Fix:  In the BEC, incorrectly German texts were shown Hungarian language selection.
  • Fix:  Fixed incorrect assignment of languages between base and BEC keypad.
  • Fix:  Language Italian is now correctly displayed in the KWL-BEC.
  • Improved: language selection: return to the main menu built into the menu language in the BEC. So is possible to navigate the language sites in the district, and to go back to the previous languages
  • Improved: optimized optimization of device parameters / frost protection strategy.
  • Improved: more fixes in the Web frontend of the controller in the field of foreign languages.
  • Improved: language additions to Slovak and Slovenian.
  • Improved: fixed a bug in the menu item "Menu mode" for basic and advanced users.
  • Improved: added display of error messages.
  • Improved: Polish language completed.
  • Improved: optimized update routine: automatic restart to complete of the updates.
  • New: KNX functionality turned freely. (Requires additional interfaces module.)
  • New: Summer cooling/bypass function can be activated in definable date range. (Embedded Web server)
    Note: If you cannot enable the feature in configuration, device: update from version 2.00
    must open by the device after the update the door just normally be made. Details see the operating instructions.
  • New: Function reheating over date range can be switched off entirely. (Embedded Web server)
  • New: Fan speeds are in the the status summary is displayed.
  • Improved: Control Panel now available in 9 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Slovak, Slovene, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish.
  • Improved: Web frontend now also available in 9 languages
  • Improved: improved stability of the Modbus.
  • Improved: data communication via UMTS
  • Improved: display speed in % stepless regulation


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