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No current values in the portal / history graphs.

If no or only historical values are displayed in the history graphs in the portal, your device does not transfer any data to the portal.

Approaches to solutions:

  • Make sure your device is equipped with the latest firmware.
    See "Software Version" info in the "Configuration -> System"menu. The version 2.16 or higher must be displayed there.
  • Check whether it is possible to access www.easycontrols.net from the network in which the device is installed.
  • If all these steps are unsuccessful, please call Customer Service at +49 (0)7720-606-742 or +44 (0)1206 228 500.




How much does Easycontrols cost?

The use of the Helios Easycontrols portal with any number of devices is generally free of charge.

In the future, available premium features can be booked as soon as they are available.


Why is there a bypass flap in our KWL units? To direct the cooler and filtered fresh air past the cross-flow heat exchanger directly into your premises.
When is the bypass active? The bypass opens: If the user-defined period of time fits, the fresh air limitation has been exceeded, if the set room temperature is exceeded and if the drawn-in fresh air is cooler than the room temperature.
When does the bypass valve close again? The bypass is only closed when the outdoor air restriction or room set point temperature is not reached.
Why does the bypass not close even though the outdoor temperature is higher than your room temperature? Since your premises are colder than the fresh outside air drawn in, condensation increases. This is done on the wrong side of the device, so that water will escape from your KWL and damage and mould may occur.
When the bypass is activated, I get too warm? If the outside air temperatures are too warm, we recommend that the KWL unit adjusts the reduced range (fan stage 1). This means that they have filtered clean air and a controlled air exchange is guaranteed compared to an open window, for example.
How does passive fresh air cooling work? Some of our KWL (200,300,500) devices have this additional function. Although the room temperature is cooler than the outside temperature, the bypass damper will close despite increased condensation. However, they must also loosen a plug in the KWL unit to ensure that the condensate drains off.
What is the meaning of the "offset" supply air temperature? This function is active when the supplementary heating is switched on. The set "Offset" temperature is added to your room set point temperature, so that the bypass damper opens only after reaching the temperature sum. This avoids that the fresh air is heated unnecessarily.



Connection cable to sensor unit and control panel

The sensors and control units can be connected via RJ10 cable into commercial series. In the apparatus which depends on the last bus cable, the termination resistor must be connected.

What happens if one of the series connected sensor fails?

The defective sensor no longer delivers measured values, whereby the control no longer considered this sensor.

All other sensors and controls run without restrictions.

Values of faulty sensors are no longer displayed in the web frontend.

Can multiple controls and sensors be integrated into the system?


The following maximum sensor / control units can be connected simultaneously:

  • 8 x FTF (Humidity temperature)
  • 8 x CO²
  • 8 x VOC
  • 2 x EM (Expansion module)
  • 8 x BEC (Control)
  • 1 x KNX / EIB Module.

The regulation is always to the highest standard value.

Default values can come from a time program, short program, control panel or sensor.

Is it possible to combine BE with a sensor?

Only limited!

Since the simple control element BE does not allow switching between manual and automatic mode, the control with the BE is always running in manual mode.

However, the sensor on-demand control of the device only works in automatic mode. The sensors can not control the device.

The sensors can provide measurements of the portal for long-term recording of the spatial situation.

Prioritization controls BE / BEC and several sensors?

The highest value requested one, whether it comes from a sensor or a control panel.

Exception: The requirements for retirement, party or holiday mode overrides everything!

Do I need necessarily an Internet connection to use the device?

No, there are other ways of device control:

  1. The device is connected via a control panel: 3-position switch (BE) or Comfort-control (BEC)
  2. All EasyControls devices are equipped with a web server inside.
    This provides a comfortable interface frontend for the device.
    EasyControls is then accessible via the Web browser of any computer, smartphone, tablet, etc at LAN.

Why is easycontrol controlled via a web browser rather than through an app?

The advantage is that the operation is terminal independent. The active website automatically adjusts the display to the size of the screen and is not linked to the various operating systems such as Android, Apple iOS, Windows, etc. Thus, the user interface is identical on all devices.

Wi-Fi connectivity of an EasyControl unit

Sollte Sie kein Netzwerk-Kabel bis zum Aufstellungsort Ihres Easycontrols Geräts haben, so können Sie dieses auch über WLAN in ein bestehendes Funk-Netzwerk integrieren.Dazu verwenden Sie einfach einen beliebigen Access-Point welcher den Modus "Client" oder "Wireless Adapter" beherrscht.

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