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KWL® control concept Helios easycontrol

Helios easycontrol revolutionized with integrated web server and LAN connection, the user-friendliness of KWL® devices. The standard-equipped with easy controls device types can be quickly and easily integrated into the PC network and operated on the comfortable surface in any web browser. Whether using a PC or laptop with tablet or smartphone. At any time, in any room.

Basic functions of the local Helios easycontrol Web server

Your easycontrol control can be configured with a control or via a web browser. Each controller has an integrated web server. You can by entering the IP address of the Steueung call in your web browser.

General Functions:

  • Start-up Assistant
  • Selection / setting fan speed
  • Setting week program Air / Heating
  • Enable Party / quiet / holiday mode
  • Select access rights
  • Lock controls
  • Setting CO2, VOC and humidity control
  • Software updates
  • Display filter change, operating conditions / -hours, error messages, etc.


System Requirements


  • Network connection 10/100 MBit
  • Internet access via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to port 80, if the KWL device to transmit data to the controls easy web portal, or if the device is to be managed through the web portal.


Configuration in the frontend

  • PC with current web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and network connection
  • The mobile terminal such as iPhone, Android tablet or phone and network connection


Main Menu



Party- or Quiet Mode

With the "party mode" and "sleep mode", for a defined period of ventilation in a particular fan speed can be set. You can always be activated or canceled the process. This fan level is for the time "on time" set (5-180 minutes) enabled.




Vacation Mode

The peculiarity of the holiday program of your ventilation device is that the ventilation operation can be scheduled during a point in the future holiday in advance. For this period a defined ventilation cycle is selected, a distinction is made between the "intermittent operation" and "constant ventilation". If the start date is reached, the holiday program will start automatically. Upon reaching the end date or discontinuation, the holiday program is deactivated.







About the weekly timer fan speeds time-dependently. There are 3 standard week programs to choose from, in addition to 2 individual week programs are created. It can be 10 times per day defined with appropriate fan speed. Should not be the desire for a time-dependent fan control, this feature can be turned off. The weekly program is only active in 'auto' mode.


Standard Profiles

Predefined common time profiles. If these settings are suitable for your application, you can define the quickest road a weekly program.

IMPORTANT: The settings made here override such as sensor values as CO² or humidity.
NOTE: There is no logical examination held at intersections of the times entered. Therefore, make sure the definition that the times are logical.


Custom Profiles

You can select up to 10 switching times and the desired speed level at this time of the fan. Entries in which the time fields are From / To not filled in, are not observed.

IMPORTANT: The settings made here override such as sensor values as CO² or humidity.
NOTE: There is no logical examination held at intersections of the times entered. Therefore, make sure the definition that the times are logical.


Profile "Off"

The system performs no time or day of the week through induced changes in operating condition.


Copy settings

Select the days of the week on which you want to copy above defined time schedule. Click "Save" to apply the settings to the selected days of the week.



With a heating can be more comfortable your ventilation system. Drafts by the supply air in the room can be reduced so effective.

If your device is equipped with a heating, you can define the desired parameters for reheating here. The controller then attempts to pass the predetermined temperature to the duct system. At extremely low temperatures, or at too low a heat output of the heating, the desired temperature can possibly not always be achieved.

Profiles Standard 1 + 2 and Custom 1 + 2

Up to 10 different temperature cycles of the week can be specified for each day.


constant heating

The controller attempts to deliver the set target temperature in the duct system.

A reheating always required Additional Services energy.
Therefore, these values should be chosen with care.


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